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Plutron is a Smart coin which provides smarter ways to earn efficiently.

About Us

Plutron is a cryptocurrency based on TRON Blockchain with a vision to make everyone financially independent with a mission to distribute its 100% to the community with its Distribution technology. Its smart 100% reward sharing formula is a software-based algorithm that provides smart and fast affiliate rewards to each and every one.

A Store of Value is an asset that is stable or increases in value over time. Stablecoins are vulnerable to inflationary policies, while Bitcoin or Ethereum suffer from market crashes or manipulation. None of these is a true Store of Value.

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Get a Tron Wallet & Join

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Pricing & Values

Plutron is having great future, kindly read our tokonomics.

Starting Time : January 2022

Total Supply : 300,000,000

Total Circulation Supply : 300,000,000

Acceptable Currency : TRON(TRX)

Total Distributed TRX :

Total Distributed PLUTRON :

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Here is the Tokonomics of plutron and the structure for further launch.

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Plutron is smartest earning community platform with the first ever smart formula of its kind is the tron blockchain

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